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Welcome to the Global f<a+i>r Network

Placing the urgent now of COVID-19 response work firmly in the context of the equally urgent need to create new systems and new paradigms so that all can thrive.

Feminist AI= Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems and Artificial Intelligence harnessed to deliver equality outcomes, designed with inclusion at the core, creating new opportunities and proactive, innovative correction of inequities.

Global convenes every other month alternating small curated conversations amongst experts, with public webinars and events open to a wider range of global stakeholders.

Our goal is to debate, discuss, delve and create new models and new ways of thinking about and creating AI systems that are feminist harnessed to deliver equality outcomes, designed with inclusion at the core, creating new opportunities and proactive, innovative correction of inequities.

Global conversations take advantage of the opportunity to not only address bias but rethink how we prototype and pilot applied AI research and solutions to ensure that the technology meets the needs of women and girls in vulnerable communities.

The network is one of the first of its kind to support research which seeks to address holistic policy, practice, and innovation, and we invite innovators, like-minded governments and others to join our emerging coalition as the work begins in earnest – particularly those in low and middle-income countries who want to explore the positive potential of artificial intelligence in advancing gender equality.

We believe that now is the time to connect the work feminist researchers envision for an inclusive and thriving future.

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    •  To springboard from ‘why’ and ‘what’ to research to  ‘how’ new AI & ADM,  data, algorithms, models, networks, policies or systems can concretely and  positively impact social problems, improve quality of life, and correct for historic exclusion
    • To prototype the most promising f<a+i>r research hypotheses for proof of concept using design justice principles, widening boundary partnerships to include communities, academics, activists, technologists ;
    • To pilot the most effective prototypes with new public and private sector partnerships that actively innovate and correct for historic inequities.

    Through this approach the global f<a+i>r network which is rooted with our <A+> Alliance sister networks in Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, South East Asia, and the AI4D Africa Gender & Inclusion  Innovation Lab we encompass the entire group of sister networks and expand to include allies in the North,  all working together to uniquely strengthen the capacity of regional actors, build a field of inter-and intra-regional multi-disciplinary teams, deepening understanding of each region’s distinctive needs, leverage learning on collective solutions, and nurture the roots of Feminist AI in the global south, entwining it in the global north as well.

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Global f<a+i>r Calendar for Winter/Spring 2022

Regional Bi Monthly Events

Many of you will have been attending or been invited to the Regional f<a+i>r network happenings that are combinations of invitation-only or public bi-monthly events in: LAC, MENA and South East Asia. Please see those pages for more information and contacts.


26 January

Global f<a+i>r convening

Global F<a+i>r Launch:  Benchmark DataSets 

Emily Denton, Research Scientist at Google and Raejetse Sefala, Research Fellow at Distributed AI Research Institute (DAIR) answer the question: What do benchmark datasets mean for Feminist AI, and where do we go from here in our collective work?

[vc_video link=”” title=”Spatial Apartheid: Constructing a Visual Dataset to Study the Effects of Spatial Apartheid in SA”][vc_video link=”” title=”The Life of a Benchmark Dataset in Machine Learning Research”][vc_separator]

9 March

Public Event

Visions of Feminist AI from an anthropological perspective


  • Kemly Camacho – Co-Founder, Sulá Batsú Cooperativa
  • Sareeta Amrute – Associate Professor, Univ of Washington & Principle Researcher, Data & Society Research Institute
  • Peace Oliver Amuge – Executive Director, Women of Uganda Network
  • Amina Soulimani – Doctoral Research Fellow, HUMA-Institute for Humanities in Africa
  • Moderator – Ingrid Brudvig, Women at the Table
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    13 April

    Global f<a+i>r convening

    The Smallest Viable Dataset
    Instead of scale, how small can a dataset be and still be viable, for which purpose, in which context.   How and where do we start collectively constructing inclusive datasets built with feminist principles that can become building blocks to be reused, stacked, and a norm.  Or do we need to only think of scale?   Where to begin.  A debate.


    18 May

    Global f<a+i>r convening

    Feminist Digital ID
    What would a Digital ID built with feminist principles even look like? We’ve seen descriptions of pitfalls and horror, but no real visions of what we specifically need in order to build a feminist digital ID that is a positive beacon for pro-social allocation.  Then, how would we set the ecosystem in place  to deploy  it?


    23 June

    Public Event

    Feminist AI: new models for the Global South

    Presentations and discussion of the first cohort of papers developed by f<a+i>r research grantees supported by IDRC, and announcement of the first prototype  selected by the Scientific Advisory Committee.


    29 June

    Global f<a+i>r convening

    Discussion of the prototype selected from Cohort 1, and new Cohort 2 concept notes to be developed into papers and eventual prototypes. The Ethical and Community Perspective Issues and Debates will continue here.

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