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What is Feminist AI?

What is feminist AI? Why do we need it? How can a feminist approach bring about a fundamental change in socio-economic systems and human rights? How can we catalyze a global movement from the global south that offers alternatives to achieve equity, social and environmental justice? 

Feminist AI is the kind of AI that is inclusive and is geared toward contributing to a more equal society. The term ‘feminist’ here does not merely denote the fight for gender equality, though that naturally figures prominently in our work, it also refers to the attempt to harness the potential of AI to reduce other forms of inequality, such as that existing between the dominant and the traditionally excluded groups in society.

Systemic gender, racial, social, linguistic biases, as well as other intersectionalities, are at the core of current artificial intelligence processes emerging in the global North and then replicated in the global South. It is urgent to combat and correct these prejudices and discriminations through analyses and proposals with approaches that, from a feminist, decolonial, situated perspective. It is also urgent to offer alternative visions to respond to the problems we face as a region in the Global South. We seek to broaden the understanding of what a feminist AI implies in all its processes and how this framework can positively transform the logics associated with algorithmic decision-making systems. We want innovative ways to emerge which promote technological development in our region through critical reflection, methodological innovation, and experimentation. 

To this end, we are promoting the Southeast Asia (SEA) Hub of the Feminist Network for Research in the social aspects of Artificial Intelligence to contribute to the development of innovation and critical action-research capacities. The members of the SEA Hub will be women and men from different sectors, including academia, activist, and development organizations, who are contributing to the discussion at the regional level. The SEA Hub will meet regularly and will generate products and resources that are the result of its research and dialogue. 


Furthermore, the SEA Hub will support the launch of annual calls for projects that allow exploring how to Incubate Feminist Artificial Intelligence. During the period from 2022 to 2024, annual calls will be made to develop articles, prototypes, and pilots that allow for theoretical innovation, as well as how to build databases, models, systems, standards, or artificial intelligence devices under feminist values ​​to attend the needs of specific communities in the Southeast Asia regions, values that advance the agenda of equity, inclusion, social and environmental justice. 

Members of the Working Team

Soraj Hongladarom

Soraj Hongladarom is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Chulalongkorn University. His areas of research include applied ethics, philosophy of technology, and non-western perspectives on the ethics of science and technology.

Supavadee Aramvith

Supavadee Aramvith is Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Head, Multimedia Data Analytics and Processing Research Unit, Chulalongkorn University. Her areas of research include video signal processing, AI based video analytics, and multimedia communication technology. She is very active in the international arena with the leadership positions in the international network such as JICA Project for AUN/SEED-Net, and the professional organizations such as IEEE, IEICE, APSIPA, and ITU.

Siraprapa Chavanayarn

Siraprapa Chavanayarn is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and a Member of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Chulalongkorn University. Her areas of research include epistemology, especially social epistemology, and virtue epistemology.

Our Work Plan

Network meetings

  • 1st meeting (11 October 2021) (Speakers: Proadpran Punyabukkana and Naruemon Prananwanich)
  • 2nd meeting (31 January 2022) (Speaker: Attapol Rutherford-Thamrongrattanarit)
  • 3rd meeting (March) (Speaker to be confirmed)
  • 4th meeting (April)
  • 5th meeting (June)

Capacity Building Workshop

  • Practical workshop on the basics of feminist AI – last week of May – speakers to be confirmed – scheduled on the fourth week of May

Collection of ‘Think Pieces’ or ‘Essays’ on Feminist AI

  • 8 essays planned – publication schedule – June 2022