Call for Proposals

Incubating Feminist AI:

Call for Proposals Application Booklet





MENA and SEAsia




No one has mapped how AI, or Automated/Algorithmic Decision-Making  systems in developing countries function, and how AI and ADMs can be harnessed to deliver equality outcomes and new opportunities (instead of inhibition of rights and amplification of unequal power relations).

Our proposal is to springboard from the well-established ‘what’ of describing potential harm and ‘why’ harms exist socially or technically, immediately to ‘how’  course correcting future harms could happen, and most urgently ‘how’ new data, algorithms, models, policies + systems could be researched, then prototyped, and piloted.

Read our Call for Proposals, share widely, and join us in our search for new just, effective, and intersectional feminist models that use this urgent moment of movement to the digital realm to re-conceive and transform social services and policy so that they are inclusive and fit for 21st century governance and improved quality of life.