About f<a+i>r

We believe that it is necessary to consider new systems and new structures for the 21st century, and a robust and just post-COVID recovery.

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Systemic gender, racial and intersectional bias sits at the core of current Artificial Intelligence & Algorithmic Decision-Making processes born in the North, replicated in the South. Combatting and correcting this wired bias and discrimination is urgent in order that pro-social capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Algorithmic Decision-Making (ADM) can be activated. We can either seize this moment to correct bias in the digital realm, as we tackle bias in the analogue world, or condemn ourselves to old bias hardwired into the future century of Algorithmic Decision-Making trained by machine learning on biased data sets. The f<a+i>r network is dedicated to finding ways to make Artificial Intelligence and related technologies more effective, inclusive and transformational, not only more ‘efficient’.

The Global Network includes feminist technologists, academics and activists from our regional Hubs in Latin America and the Caribbean,  Middle East & North Africa, South East Asia, sister African network Gender & Inclusion AI4D, as well as allies and thought leaders from around the world whose research is moving the conversation, the research, and the technology towards more humanist and feminist realities.

Feminist AI = Algorithmic Decision-Making Systems and Artificial Intelligence harnessed to deliver equality outcomes, designed with inclusion at the core, creating new opportunities and proactive, innovative correction of inequities.

After reading the <A+> Alliance Call to Action and its granular set of recommendations launched by Women at the Table at a keynote for Women in Data Science Zürich, IDRC’s Networked Economies program seeded the groundwork for f<a+i>r, the feminist AI research network, with Women at the Table, Ciudadania Inteligente and Gender at Work to focus on the extraordinary work being done in the global south researching and reflecting on specific regional directions and needs for feminist AI. The f<a+i>r network is currently led by Women at the Table and  Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC). The aim is to further engage with and connect researchers, academics and practitioners with perspectives from the global south and north, to deepen definitions and directions of a Feminist AI, explore current and emerging questions associated with AI from a feminist point of view, and to develop a research agenda for a more formal, ongoing Feminist AI Research Network.

Launched in 2020,  the global network now consists of 100+ feminist AI thinkers primarily from the Global South with experience in machine learning, data science, law, urban planning, human rights, gender, anthropology, economics, and other social sciences.   In order to catalyze critical multidisciplinary conversations,  landscape pieces have been  commissioned that cover Feminist Research Methodology, Data Collection,  Social Protection, Unbiased Algorithms, Norms, Culture, Tech.  These and many more think pieces can be found in a first collection on our Feminist AI PubPub.

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Our Goal

To place the urgent now of COVID-19 response work firmly in the context of the equally urgent need to create new systems and new paradigms so that all can thrive.